Functional Families
By Taylor García
Desiree’s bedroom is hot and glowing, with the setting sun spilling into the open blinds. All around, lit colored candles flicker: a red one on the dresser, blue ones in jars with the Virgin Mary on the nightstands...

from the story, "Agony In The Garden"

Available November 2021, anywhere books are sold

Includes the table of contents, preface, and one story from the collection, plus, you'll receive occasional notices about the book and interesting notes and commentary about this story and others. 
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Taylor García is the author of the novel, Slip Soul (Touchpoint Press, 2021), and the short story collection, Functional Families (Unsolicited Press, 2021). In addition to his books, García has published several short stories and essays in numerous journals, and is a weekly columnist at the Good Men Project. He holds an MFA in Writing from Pacific University Oregon. García is a multi-generational Neomexicano originally from Santa Fé, New Mexico now living in Southern California with his family.